Sunday, July 18, 2004

Berachos 9b

Gemara: "Rabbi Yochanan says: One should always try to run towards Jewish kings, and not only Jewish kings - but even gentile kings, so that if he will merit to (in the world-to-come to see the greatness of Israel - Rashi), he will be able to differentiate between Jewish kings and gentile kings."
Perhaps we can reinterpret this gemara based on the gemara in Gittin 62a (see there for complete contexet): "He told them, 'Peace be unto you, kings, - peace be unto you, kings.' They told him, 'How do you know that Rabbis are called kings?' He told them, 'As it is said...' "
So we can interpret this gemara to be referring to scholars: One should always try to run towards Jewish scholars, and not only Jewish scholars - but even gentile scholars...


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