Thursday, December 07, 2006

Generation Tea

I'm sure all my regular readers noticed the new Generation Tea sidebar ad. Generation Tea is run by a good friend and former Chavrusa of mine, R' Michael Sanft. If you're a "Bessere Mentsch" you should try it. It's good and OU certified. Of course, if you only drink coffee, don't bother! (For what its worth, my favorite is Yunnan Black.)


Blogger defen said...


I've enjoyed the rosebud tea.

8/12/06 1:07 AM  
Blogger Independent Frum Thinker said...

Come see my post on the Lakewood recall effort.

11/12/06 11:19 PM  
Blogger Moshe Y. Gluck said...

In the interests of full disclosure, yes, I do get a commission if you click on the link, and then buy something. But everything I wrote is still true!

28/12/06 10:21 AM  

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