Thursday, July 15, 2004

Berachos 5b II

Gemara: "R' Chiya bar Abba got sick, and R' Yochanan went to visit him. R' Yochanan asked him, "Are these troubles beloved to you?" He answered, "Not them, and not their reward." R' Yochanan told him R' Chiya bar Abba to give him his hand. R' Chiya gave R' Yochanan his hand, and R' Yochanan healed him."

It is interesting to note, that earlier on 5a, R' Chiya bar Abba says something in the name of R' Yochanan, in praise of "yissurin shel ahava," but it seems that he himself didn't want them. The gemara on 5a says: "R' Chiya bar Abba said in the name of R' Yochanan [even if a person can't learn or daven because of troubles that Hashem sends him] these are still called "yissurin shel ahava, as it is said, 'Because Hashem admonishes those whom he loves.' "

(We find the very same thing in the following gemara, when R' Yochanan himself got sick, and he had the same dialogue with R. Chanina.)


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