Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Polynap Soundtracks and the Twelve-Minute Nap

We've discussed in other posts how some of the Gedolim of past generations used polyphasic or biphasic sleep techniques to maximize their alert and awake time. But even for monophasic sleepers, a short nap can be a very powerful tool to help get through the day. Last night, for example, I slept only a bit more than three hours, had a baby girl today, and was ready to crash at about 5:30pm. So I took a very short nap. How, you ask, did I ensure that I would both fall asleep and wake in this short time frame? Simple - I put my headphones on and played one of these tracks. They are from a collection of polynap tracks that are on this website, and they have a long period of white noise followed by wake up sounds. The white noise (also blue and brown) helps drown out background noise and also to put one to sleep. The wakeup noises start with a rooster's crow, and become more and more cacophonous until you wake up. (For the record, the rooster's first or second crow usually wakes me.) The mp3 tracks are available in several lengths, and I highly recommend them. (The site used to contain a twelve minute track, too. Apparently, it was removed. Email me if you want a copy.)
(With appreciation to a distinguished member of the Community Kollel of Kansas City.)



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cool! will have to remember this.

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