Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Berachos 38b

Gemara: "...What vegetable originally has the beracha "Borei p'ri ha'adama," and yet when it's cooked the beracha "She'hakol nihyeh b'dvoro" applies? [In other words, cooking makes this kind of vegetable worse and it isn't eaten this way, and therefore the more generic beracha applies to it. The gemara answers:] Rabbi Nachman bar Yitzchak says: We find this by garlic and leek."
The problem with this gemara is that on 44b the gemara says that leek is good for the intestines and bad for the teeth, and therefore one should cook it before eating so it shouldn't need to be chewed. We see from this that leek is eaten cooked - so the beracha "Borei p'ri ha'adama" should apply even when it is cooked!


Blogger modern chassidish said...

I don't see the contradiction. When it is cooked it takes on a new form. I need to look into the gemara further its been a while since I learned brachos.
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30/11/04 11:03 AM  
Blogger modern chassidish said...

One gemara is talking about the normal way of eating for taste. The second gemara obviously tells us to change from the normal tasty way of eating for health reasons. So there is no stera.

1/12/04 10:12 AM  

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